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Freebie Corner



We will be including a freebie for you each week. This will consist of the following:

1. EBooks on Internet marketing.

2. Softwares to assist you in your Internet marketing business.

3. Reports and articles on Internet marketing

4. Scripts for your Online business.

5. Links to get FREE tools and resources.

6. Miscellaneous.

So make sure that you check out the Freebie Corner often.

Each Freebie will be available for download for ONLY one week. On the  subsequent week, it will be removed and replaced with a new Freebie.


  Special Training Course


Unleash Your Inner Millionaire
7 Steps to Total Personal and Financial Freedom

To get the free training course: CLICK HERE



Freebie for this week


FREE Toolbar

Get your free toolbar. This easy to install toolbar will sit on your browser. This will make it easy for you to access the TIMM Newsletter, Freebies and also receive any important updates from me. Please try it and I'm sure you'll be impressed.

To download - CLICK HERE


117 Hours of Audio Interviews

The Freebie for this week is something different. How do you like to have 117 hours of audio interviews by some of the top marketers like Jay Conrad Levinson, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, Gary Halbert, etc. YES!! it's free for you for being my subscribers.

To access - CLICK HERE

When prompted please enter:

User name: c1

Password: open

Please type in. You may have to enter it twice.


Mailing Software


Grab this Free Mailing Software - EmailAutomator






Desk Top Motivational Quotes from Richard Quek


Desk Top Calendar




Down and Dirty Guide to High Profits



Additional Freebie - ebook, '7 Steps to setting Up an Online Business'.

by Richard Quek

To download, CLICK HERE  


For those who attended my TIMM workshop, as promised, here is the link to download the Bulk Mail software. The software is 'World Cast'.

To get it, CLICK HERE



Product of the Month


Find out how you can communicate cheaply and effectively.




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